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+22|5324|Philadelphia, PA
Just sitting here watching Food Network and one of those competition cake making shows.

All of a sudden… I swear I hear BF3 load in music. Sure enough! "Fire In the Sky" at around 40 mins into the hour long show!
Dreads & Bergers
+350|5354|Riva, MD
I heard the 2142 intro music on Alaska State Troopers too a couple weeks ago, I couldn't believe my ears, it was hilarious
mmmf mmmf mmmf
i heard various 2142 music on top gear on bbc america or netflix
Herman is a warmaphrodite
+1,027|5076|King Of The Islands

I heard the battlefield theme in Terminator. Fucking Hollywood stealing ideas.
My state was founded by Batman. Your opinion is invalid.

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