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Imagine it going full circle with getting punched in the eye resulting in an assault charge for the victim.
The X stands for
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unnamednewbie13 wrote:

I've seen studies going back and forth on this for a long time. I think the key word shouldn't be so much "will" as "could." I think it's easy for readers to to ignore a lot of other circumstantial and societal causation out there, that people doing the media violence studies are aware of but do not address within their scope. The difference between percentages of people who played Doom who didn't go on violent rampages, and the percentage of people who played Doom who did, is probably vast.

I think people get defensive because the media and certain politicians pick up on exploratory studies and crank the sensationalism up out of context to them being ticking time bombs for playing Quake or watching Robocop. It's easy to see why in response, people would point out all the unaddressed or ill-addressed violence at home and at schools. Small element: I remember at high school you could get in trouble for being in a fight even if you didn't throw a single punch or kick. Still suspended, and on your record. Since strictly self defense is just as bad as instigating, it's like the lesson is "you're screwed anyway, so put the hurt down while you can." Zero tolerance policies are retarded sometimes.
These things go round and round, it would be great to see an actual study.

Anecdotally the three kids I knew who were seriously disturbed and violent were all exposed to violent films from a very young age, their parents were all right-on libertarians.
Epstein didn't kill himself

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