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Because it costs the same? Some people like having a physical copy.
Enjoy ur waiting for your plastic disk
Enjoy having all the patience of a four-year-old.
'Light 'em up!'

I'm quite enjoying it so far. It feels more like the original, though I think its still missing that special something the original had. Can't quite put my finger on it. In other news, the visuals, even with some of them toned down to improve framerate, are mind-blowing.
'Light 'em up!'

Finished it. It is rather short and while it wraps up some things, it still isn't as good as the original. I think it's because the original, aside from being far longer, had a better enemy in the North Koreans, the location was more intriguing, and the build-up far greater toward meeting the aliens (I would still like a little explanation on how the aliens are so different). The dialogue and animations were far better though, and of course the visuals. Using the alien weapons was nice as well. I do feel that a lot of the devastated New York was underused though Spoiler (highlight to read):
almost all of the game was revealed in those episodic videos.

The ending is quite good from a story perspective, and a little nostalgic Spoiler (highlight to read):
the very end is the 'First Light' segment from the first game and I do like Psycho as a character, even if he is quite different from the original.

I'll probably play through again to get the little sidemissions and whatnot, and then hit MP.

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