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depends how bad the cone damage was. a dented tweeter will not work fine. a small perforation or dent in a woofer might lead to a tear/blow-out.

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i bumped in the cones of one of mine has anyone successfully unpopped theirs? i tried using a toilet paper tube but no luck, apparently i should try sellotape?
lol good luck with that. killing a speaker cone normally means you have to replace it.

Well fuck, you might be right.
I'll fiddle around with it the moment I get home
always put active monitor speakers on their own power-supply/wall-mains. do not put them on a power-strip with lots of other electrical equipment. try and run balanced cables with them, rather than unbalanced (better sound and shielded from interference). similarly make sure the cables are not twisted/frayed/ripped, or put near any other large electronic equipment. these are common ways to eliminate static or buzzing. buzzing or humming from any sort of audio equipment normally means that a wire connection/soldering has come loose, or that, similarly, one of the wires/circuits isn't grounded properly.

if you think having active monitors is bad, you should introduce a turntable or amplifier into the equation. trying to play audio from an analogue sound-source is buzz/hum haven. you have to go to a lot of expense and effort to make sure a turntable is properly earthed.
Having two speakers on one desk makes it kind of hard to put both in a wall socket, but the buzzing one is currently in a strip with loads of stuff so that could be it. The one that works just fine is on a strip as well, but a strip thats plugged into a wall socket. The buzzer is in a strip in a strip, all with loads of shit in them

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