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As the subject goes, =]TR[= Twisted Redeemers Clan are looking for mature players who play Battlefield Series (mainly Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 3), we are recruiting from age 16+ but may and will do exceptions for that rule when warranted.
Anyhow, you probably wish to know what kind of clan we are..
=]TR[= is a international gaming community/clan with multiple gameservers, the clan was created by the leader named Heatleakz in the late 2010 with the thoughts about creating a friendly and happy community of gamers who spend most of their free time together with other members and playing on the clan servers and having a laugh over it in teamspeak.
The clan as it looks now, with over 50 active members we have createn a amazingly friendly clan with a strong chain holding the members together, we believe that we are one of those clans that are rare and we know that´s true also, all our members are professional admins, the servers are being professionally monitored and protected from cheaters. Our clan is 100% Cheat-FREE, all of our servers streams to PBBans and GGC-Stream!
We are allways looking for new mature gamers who wants to join our clan and play for a living, and if you are interested in joining our clan please visit our website at www.twistedredeemers.com or visit our forums at http://www.twistedredeemers.com/forums/index.php

Requirements For Joining The Clan:
* You must be able to speak English.
* You must not be a member of another clan/community.
* You must not have been banned for using cheats / hacks before.
* You must be at least 16 year old (we may do exceptions for that rule when warranted).

For now we only play Battlefield Series such as BF2 and BF3, we have servers for both games located in Europe and we have a teamspeak 3 server located in Europe.

Battlefield 3 Server -
Battlefield 2 Server -
Battlefield 2 Server -
Teamspeak 3 server -


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Visit The =]TR[= Clan at www.twistedredeemers.com!