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RAIMIUS wrote:

I'm enjoying the G36 with suppressor, fore grip, and Kobra sight...AEK971 with the same.
I also agree that using the spawn beacon on SOFLAM aggressively are probably the best ways for recon types to help the team.
I can't get my team to use the spawn beacon, even though its placement is normally pretty good.
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That Guy
+236|4156|Massachusetts, USA
Its so annoying when you manage to sneak into the enemies backfield and your squad spawns into the meatgrinder instead of on you.
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Wasn't there supposed to be something that prevents you spawning in front of an enemy, or in close proximity to one, at a flag?

I can happily report that it don't fucking work
+138|5627|New Zealand
AN-94 vs KH2002 - What do you think is better / more accurate? I've only used the KH-2002 here...
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+510|4594|Ventura, California
AN94 is definitely inferior to the KH2002. The KH2002 has spot-on dead-accurate 3-round burst and with a suppressor the gun is a rapemachine. The AN94 has a slow rate of fire and it's a lot more inaccurate than the KH2002.
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An-94, coz it has a coooool reload anim.
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I prefer the KH, but the AN got buffed some time ago and it is a very good weapon now. The 2 rounds practically come out as one. Shit iron sights though.
Amdi Peter
sv98 + pka-s + straight pull bolt + silencer =
aek/m416 or bust
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gurdeep wrote:

aek/m416 or bust
Try playing a non noob fgt assault rifle like the g3
Also, m416  is my best assault rifle
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or the 200 round ar pkp


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+3,610|5741|London, England
I don't see why the sniper rifles have worse drop and bullet velocity than everything else, if I'm using ACOG and heavy barrel on a AK-74U on Caspian I don't have to compensate much at all, yet I tried using the SV98 and you have to aim much, much higher at the same range. Still no idea how people are using the bolt actions in this game, they're weak, and the bullets are like paper airplanes.
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+603|5501|the land of bourbon
i like the bolts, although i never use a scope higher than 4x.  with the acog, i can hit at almost any range, except the ridiculous long shots.  and i don't camp much to even bother with a high power.  and that scope glare makes them stupid anyway
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+510|4594|Ventura, California
M16A4 is weak-sauce at long ranges. Put at least 5 rounds into a sniper and he was fine and dandy.
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One thing I don't get. M16A3 at range, on automatic or burst, with something like the M145, kills somebody in no time at all. But up close, full auto, point blank, it more often than not does bugger all.
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+85|5490|Stealth on Grand Bazaar
Dunno about you but whats 'noob' and what's not is not constructive and completely subjective. I don't like the stupid 'perk' system but tbh if someone is good with a weapon (as long as they aren't spraying for kills) then fair enough. When I first started I liked the AEK (mainly cos I have an fps of 25 and I needed a high dmg weapon to kill people), now I'm all for dot sight on M16... Opinions change with how much you use a weapon and person preference.

I think on this game the reg is completely unpredictable compared to BF2. It wasn't great on there, but at least you knew if you shot behind someone the hitbox would be lagging enough for a kill. The strange random bullet spread and headshot register allows people to pick up kills flukely. But then again, it's probably my computer, wireless internet and shite fps. So you can see my point - subjective as hell. Guns aren't important, it's all about implementing tactics and working the angles.
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So now post patch, what are some of the good guns and or set ups. Obviously the PKP is madness, but what else have you guys found that is a solid fall back on kinda gun/set up?
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G3A3 + Reflex RDS
+572|5779|BC, Canada
AKS-74u is rape now. As is SKS + acog.
+3,936|5620|so randum
yeh sks has really benefited from that jamming bug thing being sorted
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M16A3 is still a good all around rifle. Kobra sight, no foregrip, heavy barrel or flash suppressor.

The L85A2 seems to be better now. Same setup as above.

The AKs got the biggest bump that I've noticed for both engy and assault. The engy AKS74U is great now with Kobra and heavy barrel. Huge difference from before the patch. My go-to for engy used to be the M4A1..not anymore.

The assault AK74M is now a great gun if you remember to burst fire. Very accurate and seems to hit pretty hard. foregrip, sight of choice and heavy barrel.

I really only play engy or assault so I'm not too clear on how the other classes weapons got changed. In general you have to really pay attention to firing in bursts way more than you did in the past. foregrip sucks now and suppressor isnt good anymore either. Sucks that I have to show up on the mini map when I fire now but that's how it is until they decide to fuck around with the game again in whatever future patch they throw out.

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All the machine guns are OP, why they buffed them is beyond me. The M240 and M60 are on par with the PKP  now which is also buffed making it super OP.

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