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I wonder if he'll send another platoon of christo-fascists stampeding out of the bleachers to trample cheerleaders and the school band.

I feel bad for the school feeling pressured to take him back in, and the students who will once again be exposed to his weird brand of mind-rape. Perhaps more, some of those gym people do enjoy taking a gander at young, athletic bodies.

SuperJail Warden wrote:

an all powerful god, a being so supreme they could make or unmake existence at will, really cares about youth football.
Hypothetically, an all-powerful, all-knowing being could very well hold all events in the universe as equally important and give them an equal amount of attention. The notion that god "just wouldn't have time to pay attention" is so tied into mortal limitations. I like to imagine a bored deity paying us a visit would spend some time being a football hooligan while willing a black hole into existence in some distant galaxy.

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macbeth has flirted with having a relationship with god because he vapes too much and hooks up with supply teachers. i'm sure god has plenty of capacity in his boundless infinitude to care about a coach with lesions on his cortex.

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