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Respekct dad i love u always
+946|5728|Marathon, Florida Keys
Only songs i really like are She will and President carter. Thats not including the singles he put out months ago. Best verse was Tech9 on interlude.
+93|5591|Alaska, mother fucker.
wayne sounds like a whiny 6 year old when he raps. Also, eminem does have talent, you just have to look at the music he did that wasn't played on the radio. Stan is an amazing song.

But, Mad Child and Prevail are both better rappers than wayne will ever be.
Maple Syrup Faggot
+362|5075|Vancouver | Canada
The current Eminem sucks.

"Back in the day" he was great:

On subject of Lil Wayne, I have a few CDs where he's featured on for some strange reason (Nas & Damian Marley), and I always uncheck those songs in iTunes so it skips them. Can't fucking stand him.

Edit: Also, yes, Mad Child is dope.

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