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The very model of a modern major general
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How exactly are you getting those big mother hubbards into orbit? God damn it, Eagle, I was feeling all pleased with myself in my career mode just getting to distant planets and now you're doing all this dope-ass technical shizzle-wizzle.
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Haha sorry dude, I just play this game way too much.

And the secret to getting anything in to space is stacking huge rockets with modified asparagus staging on the sides. Well, that and adding support wires to just about everything.  I'll be honest though, I normally just wing it and put on a ton of rockets until it looks like it'll launch and try that.

For example:

First stage is all engines firing, detaching the solid rockets when they run out.  On each side, the three large rockets strapped onto the larger rocket in the center are all feeding their fuel into that larger rocket.  So, essentially, all 4 rockets are running off the fuel carried in the three, so...

...when the three run out of fuel and are jettisoned, the two large rockets are still at full fuel.

This ships a fat ass though, so I normally finish the climb with the dedicated ship engines

It's seriously pretty easy once you get it down; it's basically the same modified method that I use on all my ships.
The very model of a modern major general
+719|5194|United States of America
So...we're legit out of early access. Huzzahs are in order.

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