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eleven bravo wrote:

Im the coolest most mellow cat there is when i drink
what a coincidence!
eleven bravo
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Im more on edge when im sober.
Tu Stultus Es
sorry you feel that way
other way around for me

bout half a year ago there were these two idiots doing some sort of a waltz in a very crowded club so they were pushing everyone to the sides, threw them both over the bar. before I knew it I had 4 bouncers standing around me.

Since then I make sure not to get drunk in crowded, public places anymore. Least the bouncers were chill and just helped me out was all.
inane little opines
Pendulous Sweaty Balls
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and i thought I had problems
sorry you feel that way
was a guy & some girl, I dunno just turn into a caveman or something.

I feel sorry for the girl
inane little opines
Pendulous Sweaty Balls
+1,538|4749|College Park, MD
seek therapy
this thread is a lot like livejournal... only with less awful tits
libertarian benefit collector - anti-academic super-intellectual.
sorry you feel that way
lol im cool, just need to lay off the booze in crowded places
inane little opines
I'm the matchstick that you'll never lose

DrunkFace wrote:

Jay wrote:

FEOS wrote:

Jaekus and Dilbert are arguing architectural aesthetics. They like European style more than American. Look beyond the building style. It's the same thing: people living crowded together on twisty streets. The big difference is that in the US version, you're not in a flat.

Spark: That last shot is from either Las Vegas (or North Vegas) or the Phoenix area. Of course there aren't any trees.

And pay attention folks. All I did was copy/pasta from two previous posts.
No, the big difference is the utter waste of space that one story tract housing is. Sure, in that picture everyone has his own little plot, and that may help his self esteem, but it's not like he can actually do anything with it. If he and three of his neighbors lived in a four story house instead they could surround themselves with green space. Instead, they'd rather live on their 1/8 acre and pretend that they actually own it and that it somehow means they've arrived in the world. They don't. And they haven't.
I know this thread is about America's use of space. But not all suburbs are like that. I have almost everything that an urban environment can offer (and some things it can't) within walking distance, and everything else is no more then a 10-15 min drive away. All without the noise, pollution, crime and crowds of people. Sure by a purely mathematical efficiency standpoint they are pretty wasteful, but its a far more relaxed lifestyle.
Same. Except everything here is a 10-15 minute walk away. Three post offices, two shopping centres, 5 minute bus ride to the CBD... quite like it here
SuperJail Warden
Gone Forever
"New Jersey’s American Dream Megamall Is Once Again Sinking in Debt"
Since its groundbreaking nearly two decades ago, the megamall built in New Jersey’s Meadowlands has done little except hemorrhage cash. Now, less than two years after its much-delayed opening, the complex known as American Dream is threatening to dash the lofty ambitions of yet another developer.

The Ghermezian family, which runs some of the biggest and most successful malls in North America, can’t keep up with the bills on the shopping and entertainment megaplex, which helped drive its original developer to the brink of bankruptcy and later was seized by lenders from the team that came next.

Revenue from the stores has been so scarce amid the surging pandemic that the Ghermezians have hired legal and financial advisers to help them ease the crushing $3 billion debt load, and perhaps retain some role in running the project, according to people with knowledge of the matter. … ng-in-debt
I didn't even know this mall opened. I remember reading stories a decade ago regarding the slow construction and controversy regarding building a giant mall in wet lands. Turns out the mall finally opened in June 2019 of all dates.

What I find really interesting about the story is who thought this was a good idea in the first place? You have several malls in every direction of where this mall is + Manhattan. This should have never been built.

Bloomberg, eh. Below that if you scroll:

The Vaccinated Are Worried and Scientists Don’t Have Answers … vaccinated

Anecdotes tell us what the data can’t:
Do they really tell us what data can't? Anecdotes, folk wisdom, and "common sense" knowledge tell us children get hyper when they eat too much sugar, too.

Even articles that eventually lead up to positive things to say about more people vaccinated, the headlines are dressed in fear and doubt for the sake of clicks. You'll usually think "fox" when you think articles like that, but no, not just fox.

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