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eleven bravo
+1,399|3897|foggy bottom
black cops
Tu Stultus Es
Doctor Strangelove
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eleven bravo wrote:

black cops
It has Ice Cube in it.
Hup! Dos, Tres, Cuatro
+2,624|4426|Catherine Black
Video confused me

Good in some parts, but bad in the same parts..

For example, the editing was good in as far as transitions, use of slow-mo, different camera angles, sync to music etc, but it let itself down quite a bit with the really long boring intro (nobody needs to 'introduce' a frag video on the internet, for christ sake), and the CC was awful.

Some of the frags were quite good, couple of good spray-downs, collats, but with the red sniper you could just tell you were just spamming for noscopes.

Over all, it was pretty good, just let down in some areas.
+7|4950|Los Angeles
I liked it. It makes me want to go play black ops again.

You had some pretty nice kills in there Rivafader. Did you ever make COD4 videos? I thought I remembered watching some videos of yours back then. If it was, I've always enjoyed your videos. Keep making them.

Finray, I hate to sound like a noob here (taken a break from FPS games for the last year and a half due to other stuff) but what is CC?
+354|4637|Vortex Ring State
Camera Cutting?
That Guy
+236|3674|Massachusetts, USA
You don't have any real skill TBH. Just a bunch of lucky shots, camping and insta proning.

Good players can kill someone without doing any of those things.
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