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Danger Mouse, Jack White, Norah Jones, Daniele Luppi, and others collaborating on an album?  This can only lead to good things.

samples/interview with Brian Burton/Daniele Luppie here
For Rome, they located and recruited a group of musicians who, more than 40 years ago, worked on the original scores for films such as The Good, The Bad And The Ugly and Once Upon A Time In The West.  Most of the musicians are now in their 70s and hadn't worked together in several decades.  Rome also includes guest vocals from The White Stripes' Jack White and singer Norah Jones.

Supposed to be coming out spring 2011.
Fudgepack DeQueef
+3,253|5382|Long Island, New York
Jack White <3 Raconteurs and Dead Weather were better than The White Stripes anyways.

Definitely getting it. Thanks for the heads up.
What kinda guy are you are?
The whole album is only 35 minutes long but I like what I've heard so far.  Danger Mouse put it up as a single video on his Youtube channel -

Fudgepack DeQueef
+3,253|5382|Long Island, New York
Got it yesterday, listening now. Love it so far.

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