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I don't have BC:V, yet its updating as if I do, I'm seeing a lot of BC:V shat in it that's wasting my time

I just got a new comp, that's how I found it. This things a stud. Since I got it delivered today from best buy online, its still all stock. … Id=1492867

^Specs (btw, it has a measly 240W PS. some day, I'll get this thing juiced up.)

Being as I'm upgrading from a 1.8ghz, this things a speed demon.

Never heard of Lenovo until I went to best buy. Don't know how it does under pressure but from the reviews I read, it does alright.
Rod Foxx
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Ummmmm wtf was the point of this topic?

Are you wondering why your patching is taking so long, or that the patch is so large, or just to say you got a new computer?

If it's the first two then the latest BC2 patch contained all the Vietnam content whether you bought the expansion or not.
lol, I tend to do that

Sorry, it was about the patch. Then people tend to ask why. Then I'll have to say got new comp. Then usually ask for specs.

So kinda dumped all in one.
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Still don't understand wtf you're on about.

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