Hello guys and girls.I have a question.

Do you will remove hackers in TOP 50 ? And when ?

Thank you

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

We do not control the top 50. That is run by EA. We only display the statistics.

They used to remove the hackers, but I don't think have bothered in a while.

Email EA directly and see what happens.

stats R lyfe

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AussieReaper wrote:

stats R lyfe
Its true.
O' HAL naw!
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Nic wrote:

AussieReaper wrote:

stats R lyfe
Its true.
so, sooooo true
Respekct dad i love u always
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Hackers on the leaderboards? Thats never happened before......
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i don't see any hackers up there, they all look legit to me.

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