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Will you Prestige in Black ops ?

Yes50%50% - 18
No50%50% - 18
Total: 36
Hup! Dos, Tres, Cuatro
+2,629|5338|Catherine Black
Depends how much you play, I'd say most definitely.
Feeding the Cats.
+761|4518|Dundee, Scotland.
why? so you have a shiny badge? mongo
for a fatty you're a serious intellectual lightweight.
Toilet Sex
one love, one pig

no prestiging on blops, but i got to 9 on MW2 and just left it there

prestige 10 makes you looks like a nerd
That Guy
+236|4586|Massachusetts, USA
I could never bring myself to prestige any further than 4 on the xbox and 9 on the PC. The game is just too shitty to do so.
If the women don't find ya handsome. They should at least find ya handy.
Since day One.
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