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Rome TW was the best for me. Loved playing multiplayer with it.

I'd max out the number of infantry units and take no cavalry or archers. Then perform a horns of the buffalo envelopment and slaughter everyone.

I could force the engagement and ignore the archers knocking out a few troops on my way forward. If any cavalry did try to charge the flank or rear I always had enough units to surround them once they did.
SuperJail Warden
Gone Forever
I really wish we had a MTW 2 Remaster like we got the Rome Remaster. Instead they are going to make 25 more Warhammer games.
Russian warship, go fuck yourself
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I hear there are some good medieval mods for RTW2, but we are due for a true medieval game

aoe stuff still has a following. crusader series, medieval dynasty, m&b2 (see also anno domini 1259), m&b warband and its many mods (including anno domini 1257), warhammer 3 and vermintide 2 if you don't mind fantasy, going medieval, kingdom come. northgard maybe, although the dlc model along with the warhammer & paradox games can be irritating. i guess a couple of the acreeds, thief series, dishonored? elder scrolls? from soft (thinking about picking up the new armored core, though it doesn't really count for this list)? dragon age, witcher, blah blah blah. path of exile (too big of a time sink for me to play beyond casually), grim dawn. i wouldn't mind trying blade & sorcery but my home office is a bit compact for vr stuff.

baldur's gate 3 fixing to be goty. positive feedback throughout the industry. also, the divinity series. new zelda's solid if you have a switch.

i'm too not familiar with the pvp aspect of first/third persons. savage, dark messiah, legends of m&m were my last real foray into slice & dice years back, and i didn't play much m&b online.

Medieval 3 floating around I guess:

Total War: Medieval 3 is "something we will do", Creative Assembly reveals … ly-reveals

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