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every time i create a lobby, when i attempt to start the game, it always hosts my game locally.  i don't have very good upload, so it's pretty bad for all the other players.  i tried asking on the steam forums, but i can't break through the massive levels of retard over there so no one understands what i'm trying to say.  they keep telling me to forward ports from the router, but i DONT want to host the server.  i want my game to only pick dedicated public hosts... is there a way to force it?
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Hmm, I allways hated the matchmaking of L4D...

I had a cracked version once which had a working server browser to play online with (just like the one in games like CSS or HL2DM)

Will you become the host if you choose "join lobby" ?

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It's cause there's no decent dedicated servers that would give you all good pings, so it figures the best thing to do is to create a local..

Not sure if there's a way around it. Try getting someone else to host the lobby.
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Another way to do it is to type "openserverbrowser" in the console. This will give you a list of all the servers so you can just join an empty one and have everyone else just join on you.

I've had to do it a few times because of the poor server selection process.
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Closest I can find is adding


ms_force_dedicated_server <ip addr>
to your 'server config'

Use Game-Monitor to find an empty server.

Static, i kno.

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