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and I'm not a raincoat...

I think everybody does it. Compare theyre stats with the last time they checked theyre stats. As example to see if theyre K/D ratio has grown or not.

Now i got this superB idea which can make this possible for BF2s and make BF2s better than the rest out there.

Its like this:

Say on monday John checks his stats on He knows he wants to improve his K/D ratio but also some other things like more time in the jet/heli/tank to get the badges. To remember the K/D for the next time to check stats isnt such a big problem. But when it comes to the time spend in jet/heli/tank its a different story. John of course could write his stats down and next time he checks his stats he can see his improvements or no improvements. But thats alot of work and john doesnt want to do that of course. John wants to keep it simple. He wants bf2s to compare his stats with the last time he checked. Well lucky for john thats possible the only thing johny forgot is that if bf2s server needs to save EVERYTIME his stats on the server it will cost too many space on the server.

But this is were I jump in. And say "COOKIE-TIME". Oh yeah, baby. I think the cookie is here our little hero.

Here is the cookie plan:
John goes to his stats again on monday and wants to compare his stats with the next stats update. He knows that this week he is gonna kickass and improve his K/D plus the time spend in jet/heli/tank.
The only thing john needs to do is click on the "save stats" button. You need to keep it simple for john. Not things like "make a cookie  were the stats are saved". NO! keep it simple. In the end we will have only 2 (TWO) buttons for this whole growth stats system. and that will look like this:


Now john clicks on save stats and makes a cookie which contains all his stats at THAT moment. it doesnt need to be a cookie that when you open everybody understand. no. just keep it that way the next time john wants to compare his stats the server can read the cookie to compare.

The only things i havent worked out are: the code to do this. ... small problem...
and teh second thing is. what will the growth stats show EXACTLY. the options are:

1. show the growth in percents (%). like K/D ratio 0,10% higher
2. show the growth just in numbers. like K/D ration 0,5 higher
3. show the old stats and option 1 or 2
4. show the new stats and option 1 or 2
5. show new and old stats and option 1 or 2

the problem with option 5 is that it will show ALOT of numbers. and john might get confused...

idea for extra add on:
- when john makes cookie put a time in it so when he looks at the growth stats, bf2s tells him with what stats and from which day bf2s compares.

That was my idea. Its alot of coding (i think) but im absolute sure about it that this growth stats idea will give BF2s that extra thing above all the others. hell yeah!


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and I'm not a raincoat...
I see i made a mistake in the example image. The buttons cant be there because thats the place where bf2s shows in which server the person is playing.

Well. the buttons dont need to be there. it was just, how the image is called, an EXAMPLE.

And i just used {TA}Firestorm stats as example. No special reason.
great idea, looking forward to it

This kind of thing requires entire stat snapshotting -- something I've looked into before. This is a slightly different approach to it, but the primary problem with it is that cookies can only store a few k of data -- probably not enough for your entire history dataset I think.

Once the new server is running, I plan on taking a harder look at being able to take entire player profile history snapshots.
and I'm not a raincoat...
Than I only see 2 options:

- Dont use all the stats but only important ones to save in the cookie.
- Use a different thing to safe the stats in. I presume you cant make .txt files...

anyway...i gave my 2 cents...

(image goes offline now)
and I'm not a raincoat...
oh and as you can see i dont have that much knowledge about web programming/coding. im just starting to understand dreamwweaver so you could call me noob.

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I actually have a more comprehensive history feature in the works -- a few people have seen it and says it's pretty hot. I'm not sure it's quite ready for release yet though.
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Very glad to see that something along these lines is in the works.

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