Hey guys,

So I decided to take a break from 2142 and play a few other games. While I was inactive my brother asked if he can also get into the enjoyment of the Battlefield series as he has watched me play many of the BF titles. I decided to give him my 2142 and make him a solider separate to my one so he can play. I figured that since it is all the same CD key we would have no issues installing on separate computers. After a year I found out that he only played single player (<---lol). Anyway I decided to finally get back to the war zone and loaded up a map and I get hit with a CD key invalid. I was perplexed so I decided to rejoin the server and I got in no problem. However once I clicked join I got a message saying Global Pb Guid Ban 8a02f1f0. I was under the impression that this happens when someone steals your key and acts like an asshat and gets banned. The only other person I know with my key is my brother and he only plays single player so he has no opportunity to hack. He barely know what one is anyway! So after searching around here I found a few threads but none are what I need so after a bit of Googling i found various fixes and sidesteps. I decided to go with this one

http://support.ea.com/cgi-bin/ea.cfg/ph … ;nextlink=

I used the DVD guide.

So after that I got onto a server and I got kicked again by Pb for a Prior Kick/ban. So is there any person who has had similar problems and overcome this issue? Can I just uninstall from my brother's computer and have my 2142 back?

Eh, sorry about wall 'o' text.