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Hey fellow Bf2-ers!

The "19th Infantry Division" is looking for fresh faces to join our ranks! We are a multi-Gaming clan with our own ranked server who just switched from 1942 to BF2. (though we still hop on 1942 now and then as well!)

It doesn't matter if you're a complete noob or a skilled veteran; as long as you have a excellent attitude and can demonstrate great sportsmanship, then come check us out at

If you're interested, you can post a reply here or shoot me a line through Xfire: Grizzle1 is my Xfire screen name.

Take care and hope to hear from you soon!

{-19th-}GoA Dbtp
I am the GoA of this clan and would like to second everything he has said.i would really like for this brigae of mine to take off,i love the game but if no one joins i have to shut it down,only because i have to fund 2 other games and also TS accounts.

    GoA Dbtp

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