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I have an NVIDIA 8600GT 512mb that keeps overheating when i play bf2. Thing is its only bf2 this happens for. At idle the card is 51c and at load its 58-60. Thats not even that hot. IT's causing the textures in my bf2 to go all different colours and shit. Does anybody know anything about this or anything i can do to stop it. I don't even thing its my card overheating.
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card sounds a bit mashed
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the temp sensor might be fubar. reading lower than it really is.
my card also overheated and I had to take it apart to clean the fins.
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Old card, try cleaning out your fan.
try reinstalling and or updating the drivers... take the side off the case and try blowing a house fan into it and see if temps stay cooler
although 60 degrees max is not super hot...
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jamiet757 wrote:

It might not be overheating, it might just be about to die.
My GTX 280 is one year old and thanks to the scorch that is the temperature here, I'm easily getting 85 degrees, with a bit of luck it can reach 90 degs.. That's 15 degrees from threshold.

I'm not seeing funny colors or anything.

Your card either has faulty sensors or it is about to die.

OR - You need to reinstall drivers. My 8800 or 7800, can't remember which, had all sorts of artifacts in BF2:SF, because of a profile mess-up. As soon as I reinstalled my drivers, it went away.
I have a 8800GT and it gets hot.  When playing games it can reach up to 80 C

I use the  EVGA Precision fan control program and I set the fan speed to 100% when I play games.  After I'm done, I let it cool down and set it back down to 70% and the idle temp becomes 60 C.
Rod Foxx
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You idle at 60 C with your fan on 70%?

That's ridiculous. I idle at about 40 C with my fan on 30% but the temps skyrocket when under load

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