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Is there a legitimate way to remove the "Fog of War" in the game? The only reason I ask is that I inadvertantly did it when changing some hardware.

I recently put together a new system as my old one was just barely meeting minimum specs for BF2. Anyway, one component I did not purchase was an audio card as I was going to remove my Audigy card from my old system and and use it in the new system. When when I removed the audio card from my old system I had still not set up BF2 on my new system and decided to take a break and play a round or two (on the old PC). I found I could see much, much further than before.

For instance on Strike at Karkand, before if I was on the MEC side of the bridge I could see just a little past the other side of the bridge before it was obsured by the Fog of War. After I removed the sound card and played I could see all the way up to the buildings on the top of the hill.

On my new system I still get the Fog of War as well. So, was this some sort of bug/glitch? I had thought that the fog was there because I had a low-end Gfx Card that could not render that much detail, but it was on the old system that the fog was removed and my new system still shows the fog. Any ideas?

Old System:
P4 2.4Ghz
1GB Ram
GeForce 5700

New System
AMD64 4000+
2GB Ram
GeForce 7800GT
um...could it be you just increased your viewable distance in your option control?
personally i think the option should be disable,able... because what use is a sniper with friggin fog!?

anyway if anyone figures out the console command i'd apreciate it.. cuz there's nothing more annoying than having as u have a 7800gt and having my view distance limited.. it's really rather annoying

and u cant see that far with 100% view distance so it must have glitched something

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If all the hacks offer removing it I doubt there is a legit way to disable it.
In BF1942 you could remove the fog,it was a setting in the config files somewhere,everybody did it at the time of the first wake island multiplayer demo,but when the full game came out it was considered cheating so I had to revert the settings.

Without fog it was very easy to see tanks very far away,or jeeps,nice for a pilot,in BF1942 there were no missiles,the sniping was awesome,you could shoot across the whole island or people off the deck of the carrier from where you usually only can see the island.
And there even was a performance boost without all the fog....but hey,we have to live with the fog,I guess...
U may try also a new Video Card; the GeForce 5700 it's a bit u know? oldie...but goodie, though!
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When you are in a Jet its like a White wall out in front of you. Sux
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Of course, everyone is just dying to see jets become more powerful
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Trooper_Collider wrote:

U may try also a new Video Card; the GeForce 5700 it's a bit u know? oldie...but goodie, though!
You obviously didn't read the post. My new system has a 7800GT. The fog is still there in the new system. It was on my old system with the 5700 that the fog vanished after removing my audio card.
Fog is a more realistic dynamic to certain maps. Removing it gives someone an unfair advantage over those that have to deal with it. It's not quite the same if you have no fog and can pick off people that cannot see you. It's almost the same level as using an xray hack to see who's around the next corner.
anyone know what the actual viewing range in meters for the sniper rifles is?
what ?...

It is greatly dependable on the scope you use. If you have a good scope the view range is above 2000m.
For Barret sniper rifle, confirmed kill from 2000m. That is absolutely a "world record"...
With normal "hunting telescope"..well, I'm not sure.
Normally you do not need (or get..) hi-tech scopes and the viewing range is maybe 1000m maximum...

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