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*  Destructible environments -----> How many glitches ?
    * Available on Xbox Live, Playstation Network, and PC download
    * Classic Battlefield multiplayer with cutting-edge technology
    * Gameplay wise more like Bad Company
    * Pricing similar to Braid (Currently 1200 MS Points = $15) Around $15-$20
    * 350 MB download on Xbox Live
    * Max 24 players. 12 vs 12. Might get bumped up on PC, not a sure thing ------> hopefully 32-64 players
    * 2 armies - US Marines & Japanese Imperial Army------> missing European Theater
    * Conquest game mode only
    * 3 maps Wake Island, Iwo Jima, Guadalcanal -----> needs more : )
    * Ability to level up, but won't give you weapons or abilities
    * 3 maps with 5 capture points each
    * Japanese army can melee with a samurai sword
    * No unlocks but customizable load outs --------> Wish it had unlocks
    * Kits with variety of weapons-------> good thing ?
    * 3 classes - Infantry, Riflemen, and Scout
    * Auto health & unlimited ammo -------> GONNA BE A BAD THING WHEN HACKERS START UP AGAIN
    * Frostbite engine (Bad Company engine)
    * No possibility of cross-platform play
    * "Stamp and postcard" reward system in addition to trophies and achievements
    * New "Frontline" feature allowing you to spawn at the point with the most action
    * Mini map will be in full release
    * Addition of the "bomber shack"
                + Building player can enter on the island
                + Calls in a squadron of 3 bombers controlled by the player
                + Ability to steer squad left and right
                + Switch to bomb sight to view the payload
                + Recharge time before it can be used again
                + Can be destroyed by enemy planes

theres gonna be to more titles comming out after it
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I'm not the most all-knowing member here, but there are already several threads about this in other sections of the forums. I suggest you post this there.
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couldnt find any other post .... so i didnt know were to post
Blacking Out the Friction
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check other titles. It's in there, the official discussion. No worries, just giving you the heads up.
* Auto health

I really dont like that or the 24 players max.
they are gonna make it probably to 64 players for pc ..... because i dont see the point of playing a big map vs 12 people on each team makes the game boring ..... and only 3 maps ? ...... with the unlimited health its gonna re gain after a certain amount of time and when the hackers get hacks for the game they are gonna be unbeatable in my opinion i think they should have remade battlefield 1942 and added more maps to it.... they need to do the same thing with bf2 otherwise the battlefield series is going down the drain.
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Next time use the search function.

EDIT: That sounded kinda mean, I know your new here, so that's more advice than anything else. I'm sure the mods'll let this one slide. Don't be surprised if this gets closed though.

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This topic has been discussed previously -- Please use the search feature to find the previous thread. {quote}

Sorry, but we try to keep things to one thread / topic.
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