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Just record yourself going "nts nts nts nts" and put it in a loop.
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Cheez wrote:

Just record yourself going "nts nts nts nts" and put it in a loop.
lol is that what u do lol

Breez wrote:

iNfinity. wrote:

Add some more hardstyle jumpstyle or whatever with more bass It fits for gaming
links ??? lol
Dont know any links... I dont use the radio much.

got that after some googlin' but it kinda lags with Windows Media Player or Winamp

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AKA: badhq
+937|5717|Derby, England

Does people want to give me a links to radio stations they would like to see ad it to final release

boot lickin blues.

My friend is always playing it through win amp. I don't have the URL, sorry, but it plays good shit.
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im not sure if the stations i know stream online but i will search

try this see if you can get it to work?

or try stuff off this site

nova 96.9
triple J 105.7
triple M 104.9
MIX 106.5
2Day 104.1

those are the only ones i know, im not sure if the others play the same stuff or not (Sydney)

i cant find any local ones

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Parcel of ol' Crams
is there anyway I can add custom stations?
I wanted to get my local station on there

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