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AnnabelleEthel wrote:

World of Warcraft, but wow is old an played out already
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'Light 'em up!'

Finished the Mass Effect Trilogy I got for Christmas. 9/10.

Enjoyed it up until the ending, but I've added the EC now and I'll play through again. After all of that, I'm going to give my Shep the best damn ending going. Not quite as warm and fuzzy as the MEHEM but still.

Jaws Unleashed

Is it a shark or a Terminator? You can make boats explode by head butting them. OK game, but Ecco was better.

March of Eagles - 6/10

Unless I'm missing something, it still doesn't have quite the military automation that Hearts of Iron 3 boasted. I would love to see that in a pre-WWI/II game.
Turns out you were cucked
+2,039|5469|Little Bentcock

7/10. Graphics are solid, movement isnt fantastic though and combat seems a bit stiff. Good for a laugh though with friends
Will post for food
+53|4027|Flying in my boxcar.
Sword of the Stars: The Pit Demo

8.5/10. It is a nice Rouge-like game, and it is somewhat refreshing to be dropped into a game with not many clues on recipes. Though I can wait to see if it goes onto a cheaper price later on down the road.

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