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unnamednewbie13 wrote:

You know if you saved $10,000 a year on coffee and toast extravagances, that amount alone probably wouldn't go far into paying off an $800,000 house that should be barely worth $150,000. I don't know what people sneering at avocado toast think house prices are these days. A bag of avocados here is like $5. 0.00001 of a $500k home. Yeah, bank that $5 for whatever measly interest you earn off it.
Birds Aren't Real

American dream memes.
The very model of a modern major general
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I combined the best parts of 3 potato soup recipes for my own purposes and am thoroughly pleased with the result. I'm reasonably excited for winter so I can slow cook the shit out of various things.
SuperJail Warden
Gone Forever
I am subscribed to an animal rescue channel. Facebook dating therefore put one of my interest as "animal rescue". I didn't do that. That's what the algorithm says.

Anyhow I saw a family that rescued a pig. The pig lives in the home with their dog, cat, and goat.

The pig is like a dog. Really smart animal. We probably shouldn't eat them.

Yeah I think I knew from the start that I wouldn't want all of facebook to know about my occasional youtube binge.

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