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Is anyone running BF2 on a laptop?  I need a new laptop, and want to make sure I get one that will run the game.  Was wonder who is currently using a laptop, and what make and model it is.

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Hey man,

I'm using a laptop and BF2 runs well on it (all settings medium which is very reasonable). My laptop model is an Acer Aspire 1682WLMi. It has a built-in graphics card from the factory (ATI Mobility Radeon 9700). Having a graphics card is essential if you're gonna run BF2 on your PC, I also suggest that you upgrade it to at least 2GB RAM. The process is simple, just insert a couple of 1GB chips into the bottom of the PC. Use two 1GB chips and not one 2GB chip because if one of the chips fail mid-life you will still have 1GB of RAM. Use two 2GB chips if you can. I haven't got a clue on other makes, I'm happy with my Acer.

Hope this info is useful.
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im playing on my laptop too..
i have an Acer Aspire 8920g )
plays very good on high with high fps
i only set down shadows and lighting and im getting over 120 fps...
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Same, and I have a Dell, midrange without too many bells and whistles. I keep most settings down except draw distance and geometry, but it plays well and without lag. This is great considering my old computer took 5 minutes to load a BF1942 game.
I loaded BF2 on my HP - Pavilion Laptop with AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core Mobile Processor RM-70 laptop ($675 at Best Buy 2 months ago) with an ATI Radeon HD3200 Mobility integrated graphics card, and 3 gig's of RAM.  Runs pretty well, but I think some of the occasional choppiness I experience comes from my Vista 64-bit OS.  On the up-side, it loads a game in less than a third of the time that it takes my older desktop which has a NVIDIA 7600 graphics card, 2 gigs, and XP.  Also, don't use a wireless connection if you can help it - also negatively impacts gameplay.

My advice:  Don't be cheap, get as powerful a laptop as you can afford, 'cause the day will come when you want to run the new BF game whenever it comes out, and you won't want to be stuck with a system that can't be upgraded or at the least can't run the game without an upgrade.

If you don't know how to compare the graphics cards of the systems you are looking at, print out this guide with all of the laptop graphics cards out there and how they stack up. … 844.0.html
Im playing on a laptop.

Every setting on the highest but i have AA turned off. Resolution at 1680 x 1050.

Im using a 2 year old Evesham voyager c720 plus
2.13Ghz processor
2gb dual channel ram
7800GTX graphics card

It was £2000 2 years ago... ($3300)
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Playing on laptop too ...

Lenovo T60
CD  T2400 1.83 GHz
2,5 GB DDR2 Ram
Ati Mobility Radeon X1300 64MB (i got about 750 pts in 3DMark06)

Im playing mostly windowed at 800x600, almost all at hight, AA off and i get about 50 fps..
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When I was buying my laptop a year and half ago, I had just one main requirement for that hardware. And it was: possibility to run and play comfortably Battlefield 2. The only game I play. I choose Asus G1S. And must say, it works fine. Im also a Java Developer and web developer. So Photoshop and many IDEs works fine as well.
I should extend it's RAM to 3 gigs. But never could find a time for that.
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I am using a laptop, an Alienware M15x, I have everything cranked, and it works great, but it cost me 3000 dollars, so it may not be an option...
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-=CB=-krazykarl wrote:

I am using a laptop, an Alienware M15x, I have everything cranked, and it works great, but it cost me 3000 dollars, so it may not be an option...
i wanted that fr chirstmas but to much money so now im getting the area-51 790i
dell xps
m1710 2.0 c2d
2gb ddr2 ram
160gb hd
1920x1200 17" display
9750 gtx

runs bf2/bf2142 all settings maxed

and this computer is outdated by 1 verson now.  you can find these for around 1000$$
oh, i can also run bf2/2142 on my dell inspiron 1505 with the ati 1400 gpu and 1920x1200 display and my dell xps 1330 with the NVIDIA 8400M GS, so most any computer with non integrated graphics will play.  my old xps m170 with the 7800gtx could shred bf2 also, lots of choices
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Dell 1720

3Gb Ram
8600 GTX
Core 2 Duo T3800

Runs it with all settings maxed and cost me $1800AUD

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