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I am looking for new maps (to broaden my BF2 experience.  )

I have seen "Suez_Canal" listed in the lobby for several servers,
can any one tell me where I can find it?

I've already tried & planetbattlefield with out any luck.
Is it part of a mod or map-pack?

Any other map suggestions?

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Those are custom maps that people've made.

You'd have to google the map name to get the source.

The most popular custom map seems to be the " Wake Airshow"

Which is basically Wake, but with 20 different kinds of planes, all with short respawns, and they're all custom designed to look pretty.
If you just want single player maps go here....   http://battlefieldsingleplayer.planetba … ps&g=5

just remember some maps are made for mods and will not work on regular bf2 however most do.

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Somebody made Shipment (the CoD4 map) for BF2 singleplayer, was pretty fun, although got boring after awhile.  The grenade spamming and claymores would be terrible in online play.
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Another great source for maps, mods and any other stuff related to Battlefield 2 is always [url=][/url].
Those also have always very fast server, so you don't have to wait that mucch to download something.

There's a huge archive of all mod's, maps and any other files regarding Battlefield 2 - at least the official patches and updates [Highway Tampa, Patch 1.01 → latest e.g.].

If i need a speedy source for a patch or whatever - my first stop is at this site.
It's all about games but not only about Battlefield 2 or the whole series - there you can find all files for just about every game.

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