Ok, here's some info on why you might be missing some of your awards, stats, etc.

1. BF2s.com only updates your stats every 4 hours at max upon request.

So, for example, if you check your stats here, got play and get a badge in 30 minutes, and come back, the site is most likely not going to have your new badge yet. Come back in a few hours and check again.

2. Stats/Awards still missing in a few hours?

Sadly, some ranked servers are broken. They don't report stats. Sometimes they do, but there's a problem and the stats never make it back to EA. Sometimes the world just falls apart and it sucks. It happens. Basically, there's nothing I can do about it at all. BF2s.com only has access to stats that EA's servers give me.

3. Most awards showing up, but a few badges missing?

Yeah, EA's new feed is broken. They should be fixing it soon I hope. Till then you'll just have to let that slide.

4. No, really! Something is truly amiss!

Alright smarty pants -- if you insist. If there are points you say you are missing CHECK THE INGAME STATS PAGE. If it's THERE and NOT on BF2S, screenshot it and let me know. But, as I already answered in #2, if EA in-game doesn't show it, nothing can be done.

After that, if you still think you have a valid complaint, you will submit a calm and complete post about it. If you forget to include, say, a link to your stats, your PID, or your player name you will be promptly ignored.