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BF2S EU Server Rules

  • Minor offences will get you warned.
  • Major/Repeat offences will get you kicked.
  • Repetition of Major offences will get you banned.
  • You will be warned only once.
Follow these rules or let us show you the door.Rules
  • No baseraping. Full stop, period, end.
  • No artillery strikes or bombing runs on uncaps.
  • Vehicles are to be kept away from enemy uncaps.
  • No cheating. This includes hacking, 'glitching' and exploiting.
  • No 'statspadding' or 'kidnapping'.
  • Do not teamkill to get a vehicle for yourself or for a clan-mate/friend.
  • Do not teamkill intentionally.
  • Do not insult other players. This includes the server administrators.
  • Do not punish for accidental teamkills!
  • Do not obstruct vehicles, (aeroplanes, helicopters and ground vehicles), as they are about to move or take off.
Exceptions, Extras and Explanations
  • Shooting into an uncap with any weapon of vehicle is considered baseraping.
  • You may be reprimanded for spawnkilling, depending on the extent of the spawnkilling and on the administrator himself.
  • Swearing and abusive language is not needed and is not tollerated.
  • Administrators have the final say.
  • There is no 'queueing' system for vehicles. Whoever gets it, gets it.
  • Do not 'redline'. i.e. Do not use the out of bounds area to kill them, (desertion), to get someone out of your helicopter.
  • Ramming, (ramming helicopters with jets), is discouraged. It is down to the individual admin as to whether you are warned or kicked.
  • There is no rule against 'super-bombing', (ramming ground vehicles with jets), but it is discouraged under the 'play fair' creed.
Use of Cheats or HacksThe Rules of Engagement state the following:
Players may not change (hack) any core games files or effectively change game settings by employing external programs or cheats for the purposes of giving themselves an unfair advantage over other players. This would include but not limited to:
  • 3rd party software.
  • Modification of weapons code.
  • CVAR hacks changing the appearance of the game and it's contents.
  • CVAR hacks that let players see through walls or buildings or any usually opaque object.
  • Mini-Map hacks
  • Modification of Player Names which would alter their size or colours.
You will be removed and banned from the server by an admin or via PunkBuster for using any of the above.Game ExploitsThe Rules of Engagement state the following:
Players may not use or exploit game mechanisms to artificially boost their score ("stats padding") and Server administrators may not knowingly allow or encourage this activity on their servers. This would include but not limited to:
  • Using tag teams to take turns to kill and revive each other in turn (using knives, pistols, etc.)
  • Playing on Knife and/or Pistol only Servers
  • Playing on Knife only Servers
  • Playing on “High Points” Servers
  • Playing on “No Artillery” or “No Armour” Servers (except when using Infantry only server-side option)
  • Using Vehicles removed from battlefield for purposes of artificially inflating points
  • Turning boats upside down and constantly repairing them
  • Glitching inside buildings (using building model glitches to attack out without risk of being hit).
You will be removed and banned from the server by an admin or via PunkBuster for using any of the above.'Baseraping', employs a 'play fair' creed. Baseraping is not allowed. Some details on what is considered baseraping are outlined below.
  • 'Baseraping' is not permitted. Base raping is the act of continually attacking and killing players, with any weapon, who have not left their base. This is specific to uncaps.
  • 'Spawnkilling' is not aginst theu rules, but it is discouraged. Spawn killing is the act of continually attacking and killing players, with any weapon, who have not left their base, soon after they have spawned. If the players are on foot, in vehicles or on fixed assets whilst in at a spawnable base and you kill them, you may or may not be be reprimanded for 'spawn-killing'.
Statspadding, (statpadding), & Kidnapping
  • 'Statspadding' is not permitted. 'Stat padding' is to accumulate points in an unfair manner. It is against the Rules of Engagement.
  • ''kidnapping' is not permitted. It violates the 'play fair' creed and is a form of 'statpadding'.


For those who plan to send 100's of PM's per day, complaining about cheaters, glitches, padders, teamkiller's, etc. Please keep in mind that you need to provide evidence of the actual violation. We cannot be everywhere, and if you cannot deliver the evidence yourself, your PM will be promptly deleted.
Whatever the circumstances, EU Server admin staff will have the last word when it comes to deciding whether a violation has occurred or not. Deal with it.

If you think you have been kicked or banned whilst not breaking any of the rules above. Then please go here.

The EU server rules have been agreed by all EU Server Admins. The rules were decided via a unanimous vote on 03-07-06. Since then, they have been reviewed. The current set of rules was put in place on the 9th of June 2007.

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As a follow up to this post <-- Click

Here's another thought for you guys.  Let's say all the BF2S guys play by the "no attack on noncap" rule.  Well usually 80% of the guys on the server are not BF2S guys.  Let's say that 30% are not BF2S guys but are regulars  (example=oldforrestgump) so they know the rules and follow them too.  That leaves 50% of people who are just passing by.  MOST PEOPLE DO NOT READ SERVER RULES when they are just randomly visiting a public server.  So what you now have is a situation where the randoms are breaking the rules, the BF2S guys are at a disadvantage cause they are following the rules, the admins get swamped with complaints and can't play cause they're in their BB-whatever screen trying to kick and EVERYBODY gets pissed:  randoms cause they got kicked, regulars cause they got raped and admins cause everybody's bitching and they don't get to play.

Real-Life Example: Playing on Oman and slayer jumps into his SU bomber just as the f35 flies over and bombs him.  This happens again so he goes into his admin screen to kick the guy.  Comes back and now another guy is doing it to him.  So Slayer is pissed because 1) he is playing by the rules and others aren't 2) he's too busy admining to actually play.

i think that the more rules we have, the more problems we will have because they are not enforceable.  ea created this game the way it is.  they defined the parameters of what you can and can't do.  let's just play that way.  let slayer and dancer bomb they other teams airfield to death:)

Schuss: remember that I created the infamous baserape thread you were referring to:

I've always been an anti-baserape advocate and not because I baserape but because i think it creates more problems than it solves.

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OK here I go...

For all lazy readers I start with my conclusion.
But please read on to understand why I came to this conclusion

- Arty on uncaps              Not allowed
- Base Rape uncaps         Not allowed
- Base Bomb uncaps        Not allowed

Why ?
- It can't be that all of a sudden all the rules are no longer any good.
  They have worked for months, players like them and they are found on many more BF2 servers
- We are not going to change the EU server rules just because someone joined our server yesterday
  to play a couple of rounds, ignoring our server rules and thereby pissed of players who do know the rules.
- If someone does not like our rules maybe he should find another server
- If 2 admins or more are online you can play long enough. Do your job or don't be an admin.

Our goals with the BF2s EU server are:
1. Have fun
2. Teamwork

What have we achieved with these server-goals in a couple of months:
- full 64 server almost every evening (except > 0:00, World Cup, weather)
- at least 20 member who regularly visiting the server and play as a team
- more and more players join the teamwork idea
- at least 75% of the bans have noting to do with these rules (but are deliberate teamkilling/padding)
- zero complaints about being banned regarding these rules
- lots of talk about the EU server/members/funny stuff on the Subforum (68 topics 5597 posts)
- lots of good replies on the BF2s EU server games

Our rules are to ensure our goals so the majority of players can have fun.
Also we offer something special other servers don't have:
Huge great forum, teamspeak, clanbased teamwork  but full freedom to join/leave/play/don't play

Having no rules
If we remove the rules we fall back on the goals EA has set with the game (besides $$):
1. Winning
2. Get points/ranks/medals for yourself

These goals (although we like winning) confict with the serve goals we have set.
And remember in an uncap after spawning:
- it takes 3 seconds to get fully "battle ready"
- but it takes 0 seconds to get killed by bombs/arty/gunned/knifed

NO one likes to be killed in an uncap without being able to at least have a change to run/hide/fight back
Players will leave the server because they don't have fun anymore

Edit: Thanks for taking the time to read through all this.

EDIT 2:  thanks also to the guy who gave me -1 karma without a comment/name ...
EDIT 3:  and again a -1  without comment/name...   how sad...

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Absolutley my opinion sir goldman sir!!!

Stick to the rules like we have them since day one on the server!

If someone doesnt like our rules, ey, wtf, "Nobody ever said you have to play on this server!!!"