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Hi, I have a problem with battlefield 2 not starting. It gives me an error


I'm running Windows 10 & I have an AMD R9 390X graphics card.
I've tried re-installing, running it in compatibility mode for Windows XP, Vista, 7.
Nothing is working,... PLEASE HELP! I used to play this game all the time & now I can't & its making me very sad

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At first glance it seems like a corrupt shaders file. Are you running the original game, Steam version, or a free one? What folder do you have it installed to? Did you try to run as admin? Are you up to date on your AMD drivers? Is one of your stringent anti-malware programs blocking a process it shouldn't?

edit: there could be some lingering files from an old install that are causing issues even after you reinstall. try (carefully) using revo uninstaller next time. Might be worth deleting your 'Battlefield 2' folder in 'My Documents' after backing it up somewhere else, as well.
SuperJail Warden
If you gave me a free key for Battlefield 1 I still wouldn't even bother installing it.
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According to me, you should upgrade the version of your windows, as it may be possible the battlefield series you are having, has different configuration that might not fit with the current version you have. I remember when one of my friends had battlegrounds ( he checked all the configuration which will suit to the Cd Keys.

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