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Immediately after I joined a server with a [bf2s] tag, this guy [iM] Doooman said "bf2s ehh". I didn't ask him what he was trying to say, but does anyone know what his problem is?

For what it's worth, I killed him several times, including this time when he was capping a flag in the attack chopper and I bombed him. If you do that, you deserve to get bombed.
i think this post was made to show off your double kill. Congrats
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Maybe that was a, hey! i know of such a gaming community!
As opposed to a
Bf2s ehhh *dirtygodamnscoundrels*
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It think it was more an expression of intrigue. Like the Canadians say "eh," as in orly?
damn canadians... eh?
Perhaps he is a member of the bf2s forums too?
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liquidat0r wrote:

Perhaps he is a member of the bf2s forums too?
I checked that. There's no member by that name and this is the only mention of the guy on the forum:

Search Result wrote:

Battlefield 2142 » Beta key giveaway #2. » 2006-08-28 15:31:38

    Replies: 140

ok this may sound stupid but forgive me im just a noob :p
how do u know who is online and where its not for the knife bet but im looking for a guy named doooman(bf2 nick btw) could someone please help me ?
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Probably just a like "bf2s eh? Interesting."
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Spark wrote:

Probably just a like "bf2s eh? Interesting."
ya not in a negative tone but one of interest. either way he got pwned

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we will never know (if he isn't a member) well you might ask him, but why a thread just about 1 thing he said.....

BF2s is a synonym for countless deaths and a game full of pro's killing the individual player.

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