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January 10, 2008 ·  Major Andrew Olmsted wrote a "final post" to be included on his blog if he died in Iraq. Last week he was killed by a sniper and the entry was posted online, drawing extensive commentary.
The Last Gunslinger
That was pretty depressing. But enlightening I suppose. Seemed like a genuinely decent guy, and you can't really argue with any of his points.... apart from the fact that he liked babylon 5 waaaaaaay too much.  R.I.P
An Enlarged Liver
+35|4153|Backward Ass Kansas
Yeah apparent I'm going to have to watch that one again...
sorry you feel that way
inane little opines
An Enlarged Liver
+35|4153|Backward Ass Kansas
Well i did a search for Olmsted with no hits so if they would have spelled his name right this would not be here.
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May he R.I.P.
You with the face!
At least he had a sense of humor about his own mortality.  I have to agree with most of his sentiments.  My condolences to friends and family.  RIP.
I haven't really ever cried about anyone else's stuff, only my own demons. This is, quite honestly, the first time in a long time that I had felt myself tearing up a bit. Sharing the first same name might have contributed to it a bit though.

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Wow, that was profound.
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I'll delete my thread about this.
He died trying to protect the scumbag insurgents from dying...telling them to surrender... and was killed by a sniper... If they had just killed the insurgents he would be alive... very sad
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I played both Freedom isn't Free, and American Soldier while reading that.  It was most profound, and depressing, but always with a trace of humour.  Sounds like a real good man, and he will be missed.

Rest in Peace Major.

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