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I would like a way to put my personal leaderboard from here on my own website. just in the margins. It would of course be accompanied by a nice big link button to bf2s, and muchos thanks and praise

Is there a way to do this already? If not, I'd like to suggest it as a new feature

Click on get leaderboard, then copy the URL and send to whomever you want
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Thanks, but what I actually want to be able to embed the small leaderboard that appears on the main page into my site.

Imagine the stats sigs you get hosted for you. You put them in your sig/website and you will always have a little up to date stats banner on your page. I'd like the same thing, but for my personal leaderboard.
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I don't believe this could be done because the cookies that are used to have those members on the leader board are on your computer.
By putting in the right url (ie adding the pids of the players you want), you can load up a page with your personal leaderboard on it. Is there a way to then extract this leaderboard?
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Can be linked like this:
<a href=>my-leaderboard<a>

But I don't think can u have it on your webpage

Edit:And yes. you can copy the leaderboard to your webpage. I won't tell how 'cos I don't know what chuy would think about that. so ask him and i'll tell how..

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There is an XML feed you can use to do this.
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