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Lag And Boredom Cut Fortnite's Disastrous First Summer Skirmish Short

Epic has pledged $100 million toward building Fortnite esports this year, and by the state of tonight's Day Skirmish championship, they're going to require it.

The event, a combination of invited streamers and Summer Showdown high performers, had lots of cash to give away, a $250,000 prize pool with $50,000 going to the first area duos team. It also had a kind of awesome, unique arrangement, in which fans could follow along on their favorite players' respective teams, with a commentated catch-all flow run by Epic.

However, in practice, it turned into a entire disaster. The championship was supposed to move until one team got two Victory Royales, but after only four games, Epic was forced to stop the event since lag was making the game unplayable for some of the world's best players.

The event was largely excruciating to watch, a combo of lag issues and absolute boredom with players hiding 95 percent of their time and combating the other five. We've seen great Fortnite events previously like E3's live celebrity/streamer Pro-Am, along with also the weekly creator-thrown Friday
Fortnite where pro players try to rack up kills to best their squad teammates, literally hunting the general player population for sport.

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