There are bags of bodies in aloof confinement, abounding in our own country, admitting all that we now about how this impacts bodies psychologically. The U.S. has added bodies in bastille than any added country in the world. It is a huge industry here, and it’s defining our time. For all the lip commemoration Americans accord to the angle of “freedom,” we aswell belie that by imprisoning all-inclusive numbers of people. There are bodies like Chelsea Manning, who took a accident to betrayal what she saw as abuse by the military, and paid for that with her own freedom. There are abounding Muslims who acquire been entrapped by the U.S. government and bedfast afterwards cause, just as we were. Obviously, Guantamamo is one archetype of a abode like Evin. Some bodies there acquire been captivated afterwards trial, for 10 years. Others acquire been pardoned and accustomed for release, and yet not released

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