I'm not normally one to cry that games are broken beyond repair, but I feel thatAion Gold is.

It occurred to me tonight as I was taking my DH through the later parts of nightmare act 3. Most of the fights, boss fights included, have been a cinch. Dreadfully easy. Like, I died once in early act 3 because I wasn't paying any attention because I hadn't been remotely threatened for hours. Then, playing tonight, I died no less than six times between a boss pack and a champion pack.

The first two times I died were due at least in part to an error on my part. The first of the two, I got low on health and headed back to where I knew I'd left two health globes waiting. They weren't there and I died. I can only assume that my merc picked them up.   . The second death was because I'd parked the boss right on my res point and I didn't get clear in time. The only reason this boss pack was a threat at all though was because they were those phasing beasts that teleport right on top of you.

The next four or five deaths were to a champion pack of the phasing beasts - with vortex and fire chains. So not only could they teleport to me, they could teleport me to them. This lead to so much spike damage that my 18.5k hp DH got practically instagibbed a couple of times I say practically, because it still took some time, but with potions on a 30 second cooldown and no other way to recover health, it  was  an instagib.Progression in WoW meant that you unlocked new content. Completing Kara a few times let you move to the new, higher tier content. WoW was allowed to be about gear because it also held non-gear related choices and challenges. It didn't matter how good your gear was, you would still wipe if you played terribly. It still took effort to coordinate a 25 man raid.

Diablo 2, which I played to death, even post-LoD, despite its flaws had a lot of end-game progression. Even full clearing every difficulty would leave you hours upon hours of levelling to do if you wanted to hit max level. I still never had a level 99 character, even though I had several level 70+ characters. I only played single player and never twinked or hacked items. I tried many different builds... a trapassin, an elemental druid, a charged bolt sorceress still one of my favourites and one of the few characters I bothered to finish hell with. I had a high level zealot and a whole host of other characters.

But Aion does not offer these same experiences. All it offers is a short, sweet burst until you get your character to level 60. It encourages you to play solo by effectively doubling your power when you do thanks to the really well designed mercenaries, but does not offer a true single player I have my gameplay interrupted around 50% of the time I play due to server resets or scheduled maintenance - another  you Blizzard give to Aussies. The ten character slot limitation is truly intolerable if I want to roll variants - which I really don't now that I can always just change my skills on my main character and have the full power of my variant at my disposal.If you mostly play solo, you can be generally immune from that. But then you'll get to some point in progression say, Inferno Act II, where there's a gigantic jump in difficulty, and realize that you can only progress through hundreds of hours of farming gear. You will either like this setup, or you won't. To each their own.

And before I'm accused of being a total hater, please note that I'm still playing Aion and still having fun. I just don't particularly like how the  end-game  is designed, which will severely impact the long-term playability of the game for me personally. site by http://www.aionhome.com/