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Controlling Your Battle Walker- A Guide to surviving urban maps

Running and Gunning: The battle walker is one of the largest and most powerful vehicles in all of 2142. Since it can move fairly quickly, knowing how to hold your own is essential. When going down a narrow street, beware. Enemies can easily sneak around and take shots at you, or EMP you and make a quick escape. Now, when you are walking, it is hard to aim properly. However, that is a double edged sword. Your enemies will have a harder time trying to take you out. They will try to get in from or behind you on a narrow street for a clear shot. Since when you are walking, the guns move too, it is very hard to take aim. However, it gives your guns an enormous spray, which can be psychologically devastating. This also means that by rotating the guns of the walker, you can shoot anything in the nearby area. If you continuously fire, enemies will be distracted, especially if you keep walking. You don’t have to kill enemies, just scare them so they stay out of EMP range. The strategy of pausing and walking one step at a time is good, but only when fighting non-engineers. Because engineer numbers will be fairly high, only stand still to shoot from either long range distances, or do it from short ranges, but only for a few seconds.

Crowd Dispersing: As mentioned earlier, walking and shooting causes the guns to spray up and down. When coming across a crowd, never stand still. Keep them confused and disoriented. Charge them with the guns blazing, and go for engineers first. Use your secondary rockets as well, these will often scare the enemy soldiers away or kill a bunch. Do not try to step on enemies, or kick them, as this technique is unreliable and requires you to be near them. Rather, use the main and secondary guns instead. Also, if you need to escape, and if you do it quickly, stand still, spray the entire crowd with rockets and guns, and get away. They will most likely try to follow you, but cannot do so if you keep firing at them.

Multi-taking- Always have someone in the upper gunner seat. Air vehicles prefer to make slow and low passes for maximum effectiveness. However, the better and even average gunship pilots will stay very high up, and ravage you from there. So, the gunner needs to be skilled at bothe missiles and the guns. When a gunship swoops at you, follow the following procedure. If you can see his cockpit, but not the underside of the gunship, he is likely diving. So, do not use the missiles. Fire the gun at him head on. In a few seconds, he will attempt to raze you under a devastating missile barrage. Wwhen you judge him to be 20 meters or lower, let the EMP missiles rip! He will probably hit the ground. However, if he was pulling out of the dive before you shot him with missiles, he will probably land upright and survive. Use the main walker gun on him now, it will destroy the gunship. Utilize missiles as well. Also, when walking down a street, corridor, or canyon with elevated sides, enemies may wait on top or on buildings and attack you from there. So, the gunner on the top must always remain vigilant, and provide covering fire. Use the primary gunners missiles to smash the sides of buildings and disorient enemies.

Against light armored cars: At short or long ranges, always use the guns. These cars are not heavily armored enough to waste valuable missiles on. So, use the guns and aim at the front of the car. Try to keep your guns firing at the side of the car, which always makes for a gigantic target. If the car is close enough, aim at or slightly in front of its headlights, and fire a single rocket. Then finish it off with the gun, you should have enough ammo.

Against APC’’s, battle walker’s, and tanks: When fighting an APC, sneak up. Since they hold a large cargo of soldiers, you do not want any of them to escape. So, go quietly from in front of behind. When in range, fire a full rocket barrage at the top of the vehicle and aim you guns at it to hurt its visibility. Fire at the front and side to destroy the mortar turret and the EMP rocket launcher. When fighting a fellow battle walker, raze it with guns and rockets. If it walks sideways to try to circle you, aim for the very front or immediate back, depending on which direction it is walking in. Fire your rockets, and hammer it. PAC walker’s are more visible then EU walkers because of their green colour and blue muzzle flash, so fire carefully. When against a tank, keep in mid that range is your enemy. Get as close as possible. Fire down at the center of the tanks turret and smash it with rockets. Beware the hover tank, it can dodge much better. However, the A8 Tiger can aim and fire at you with amazing ease, so beware that on too.
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