I installed bf2 a few weeks ago again and just felt like the game wasnt running right. I was getting some choppyness in game that was taking a toll on my score. My hit reg and lag also suffered a lot. I spent hours scouring google looking for usersettings.con configurations trying to fix my problems.

Then i saw on a website that you should uninstall old video drivers before installing the updated version. I looked in my Nvidia folder and had 6 or 7 old updates (all around 100mb each) that were conflicting with eachother. I uninstalled all of them and reinstalled the freshest. It made a WORLD of difference. The game runs smooth as silk, my hit reg and game responsivness is night and day for the better now. I was getting good 2:1 k/d ratios ever since i fixed it, before i was barely getting 1:1 and even worse for a lot of games.

My pc is very old,i bought it in 2005:

p4  3.4ghz
geforce 6800
2gig ram