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Hi Guys first of all I wana say Sorry for my bad spelling,

This Tutorial Should Help Sum of You With VOIP problem.

EA Support FAQ's wrote:

Make sure that the microphone is plugged into your primary sound card's Mic 1 port.  Battlefield 2 does not recognize secondary microphone ports. Secondary microphone ports include non-primary ports on your sound card as well as sound ports in the front of your computer and Live! Drive ports.
In other words if you have the microphone plugged into any other port besides the one on the sound card and it is not working plug it directly into the correct port on the sound card. ~IB
Ok let's begin

1. Click Start Go to Run and type In dxdiag Should look like this

Click Ok Now Big Window will open up go to Sounds Tab Like you see Below, Then go to Hardware Sound Acceleration Level And change it to Basic Acceleration Pic will explain Below

Hit Save All Information Go in game and you should have VOIP working.

make sure you have VOIP Enabled in menue And set it up first In VOIP setup

I Hope this will help sum of you who are having truble with it, if you still having truble after that, please post up below and I will see what I can do to help you reslove this issue. Peace Boris

=============== EDIT TUT BY My_pet_squirrel FOR USB Mics =====================

Lol is pretty much the same i just wanted to mess with you all the people have is 2 sound tabs not 1 one for there sound card the other for the usb headset like so

  nothing really gained but there could be some idiot that will be all like OH MY IT WON"T work and not even look in the right tab =p......

Or another way is Control pannel> Sounds and audio devices Looking like this

=========== EDIT TIP By 137[CSi] ==================

I just thought I would also mention, that you need to unblock the bf2 voip server in your windows firewall so the firewall on your machine thats built it does not disable the voip server when you join a server running voip.

You have to go into your root bf2 directory
{install directory eg:c}/Program Files/EA Games/Battlefield 2/BF2VoipServer.exe

If you've never run this before windows will ask you to unblock it or block it. If you have any programs like Norton Internet Security then you definately have the STUPID FIREWALL program. Ditto with that unblock bf2 voip server from running

If it doesnt give you a pop up prompting to unblock that then you can go to.

START/CONTROL PANEL/WINDOWS FIREWALL>second tab *exceptions* and check all that apply.

Ever since i've done this I havent had any issues with VOIP.

I am currently running windows XP professional 64 aka Windows Server 2003 to play bf2 on and to fully utilize my 54 bit processor because I would have to set program affinity in the 32 bit version of windows xp or bf2 would crash to desktop or lose connection 20 minutes after joining a game.

So with this new operating system I've run into a few snafu's but it runs WAY more stable than the 32 bit version of windowsxp. thats for damn sure!

Anyway I hope this helps guys.

This Tut was made By

Boris a.k.a badhq and My_pet_squirrel and 137[CSi]

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Wow.. I honestly didn't realize anyone could have this big a problem with it.
+1 for a good job anyways
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Boris, you're awesome.  I haven't been able to get VOiP to work yet, but I'll try this out tomorrow.  Thanks for the tip.
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nice work boris. i had voip probs with my old set-up - on board AC47 - and i only got it to work after i put in a soundcard. i didn't think to check the dxdiag - don't regret getting the sc tho, worth it for max sound quality and EAX in general...

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I'll have to show my good mate this.its really annoying, we'll organize a game and his VOIP doesn't work. It worked for oe game, then next match, it dies.
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VOIP works ok, computer restarts when a certain person joins my squad. Just one individual.everyone else works ok....explain that one, lol.
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+ 1 for u mate.. iv been havin dis prob for a while now =]
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